Recommended Sites

Please note that this was last updated November 8th 2014:

1) Creation and Evidence for the Young Age of the Earth

aig-white          icr logo         creation todaypo218orion

Answers In Genesis

Institute For Creation Research

Creation Today

Earth Science Associates or Orion Foundation

2) Independent Christian News and Evangelism

Lisa Haven          Evangelist Anita Fuentes          Martus Ministry          living waters

Lisa Haven

Evangelist Anita Fuentes

Martus Ministry

Living Waters


3) Independent News Media

alex jones          MEMRI

Info Wars



4) Ministries That Expose The Alien Agenda

Alien Resistance

Alien Resistance


5) Ministries That Expose The Wicked Music and Entertainment Industry

April & Wayne Show         EX Ministries

April & Wayne Show

EX Ministries


6) Prophecy And End Time Ministries

lamb and lion ministries

Christ In Prophecy


7) Supernatural Testimonies

sid roth           divine revelations

Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural

Divine Revelations