Learn The Bible In 24 Hours With Dr. Chuck Missler

This series is an excellent Bible study for those who wish to grasp the overall message of the Bible quickly. In these 24 videos Dr. Chuck Missler delivers sound teaching on each book of the Bible, he explains deep and insightful historical and cultural themes within the Bible’s passages and highlights the core messages behind each book within the Bible. Dr. Chuck Missler is a world renown Bible teacher and best selling author and founder of the Koinonia House ministry. Each video is just about an hour plus or minus a few minutes and it is an absolute must see for both the Christian and the non-Christian. This man of God is clearly spirit-filled and just brings the entire word of God to life, especially the smaller books and verses which are often overlooked.
























Believe me you will have no regrets viewing this series, so feel free to bookmark this playlist to your browser and follow the series in your own time. My hope is that all the truth seekers out there, who would like to at least understand the basic message of the Bible and get a glimpse of pure biblical Christianity would watch through these videos. I promise you that you will never be the same, I certainly wasn’t after viewing this series. I invite you to read the Bible alongside this course, and allow the Holy Spirit to explain all that you may not understand. This series is for everyone, so please share this with all you know. If you are in the position to support Dr. Chuck Missler or would like to order a hard copy of this series and the other insightful studies that he has done, you may contact his ministry at:


~Planet Zion