Ever Wondered Why Kent Hovind Is In Prison?

For those who do not know Kent Hovind, he is a creationist who exposed the evils of the coming New World Order, did many seminars exposing the lies of Evolution and revealed evidence proving that the Earth is quite young and not millions of years old. You may view his seminars and I highly recommend them if you haven’t already – they are absolutely worth it. He was later sentenced on January 19, 2007 and was sent to prison for ten years. So, would you like to know the true reasons as to why Kent Hovind, affectionately known as ‘Dr. Dino,’ is in prison? Well, the video above exposes some very shocking reasons as to why Kent is in prison right now.

In July 2006, Kent and his wife, Jo, awoke one night at their residence only to discover that a SWAT team was sent to drag them to jail and both were arrested with guns in their faces. Jo Hovind was not even allowed to get dressed, this use of such extreme force is completely unheard of, considering the bogus charges that they were accused of; such force is only warranted in cases with armed criminal activity. The IRS, in the handling of Kent Hovind’s case, has committed a long list of violations which are all outlined in detail within this affidavit. This is just the beginning of the fiascoes surrounding Kent’s case. His case featured a very…how to say this…’colorful’ cast of characters as you will soon find out.

Richard W. Kreidler, a judge from Jacksonville, Florida was indicted and jailed in December of 1992 for possession of illegal pornographic video tapes, which he actually ordered to be delivered directly to his court office! When Judge Kreidler was pressed as to why he had these illegal material in his possession, he simply claimed that he was “just using the tapes for therapeutic purposes.” Judge Kreidler committed suicide in January 1993, because this scandal had effectively ruined his career. You can learn more about that fiasco in the Ocala Star-Banner, a local newspaper, in the article entitled, “Judge viewed porn for sex therapy: Son.” Michelle M. Heldmyer, the Assistant U.S. attorney who worked on the prosecution team against Kent Hovind, was linked to that very same pornography scandal via her husband, Joseph Heldmyer who had two pornographic tapes mailed directly to the Heldmyer residence. Joseph Heldmyer even confessed to the crime, but was not convicted. In fact, during his court case, it seemed that Michelle M. Heldmyer, knew about these tapes but lied about them. And what punishment did she received for lying on the case and possibly committing perjury? Well, she was promoted and she even attempted to get financial compensation for “emotional distress” that she “received” during her husband’s case! You can learn more about this in The Ledger, another local newspaper, in the article entitled, “Pornography scandal generates heated battle.” The fact that Joseph Heldmyer was not convicted is certainly suspicious, which provoked this remark by the Sun Sentinel:

“Why? Was it because he’s the husband of an assistant U.S. attorney, Michelle Heldmyer? Presumably…” – Sun Sentinel, “Attorney’s Actions Warrant Probe,” May 14th 1994.

John David R. Atchison's booking photo by the Sheriff's department

On September 16, 2007, about eight months after Kent Hovind’s trial, a member of the prosecution team, Assistant U.S. Attorney John David Roy Atchison, was indicted for soliciting sex from a 5-year-old girl! He later committed suicide in October 5, 2007 by hanging himself within his jail cell before he faced his upcoming trial and conviction to prison. If you have the stomach for this, you can read more details into Atchison’s pedophilia scandal here. Please bear in mind that these insane details only scratch the surface surrounding Kent Hovind’s case.

Judge Margaret Catharine “Casey” Rodgers, the judge who presided over Kent’s case, boldly screamed at Kent Hovind during the final sentencing, “You are worse than a rapist!” I wonder if she knew that John David Roy Atchison, who was sitting across the courtroom, was a rapist? Kent paid $6000.00 for a full court transcript, which contains every word that is said within the court room during the case proceedings. Lo and behold, the court transcript did not have Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers’ words about Kent being worse than a rapist – so the transcript was clearly tampered with. This detail is very significant, because by law, Kent’s case could have been easily dismissed by the fact that the court transcript was tampered with. You can view this very same court transcript, at your own leisure here.

Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers was clearly biased and should have been recused from the moment that she uttered those words to Kent Hovind, along with her obvious bias expressed in her shocking speech, which is read out loud in a video below, just before Kent’s sentencing to prison. Her speech can be read from pages 107 to 113 of the court transcript. Several attendees of the court have signed an affidavit stating that they all heard Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers make that rape statement, however, this issue was simply ignored. You can view all the statements that were preserved in this affidavit here. In addition to this, two juries were dismissed before Kent’s guilty verdict was made. This was by no means a fair and balanced trial but rather a ‘Kangaroo court’ and Kent Hovind has prepared a “Complaint of Misconduct” which contains a long list of offenses that Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers has committed in handling his case:



So, what was the crime that Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers declared was worse than rape? Structuring and tax evasions! Structuring is simply withdrawing sums of money from the bank at frequent intervals – as such anyone who has a bank account could be charged for structuring. Well, I guess I am a hardened criminal and never knew it! So Kent Hovind, has spent 8 years in prison merely for taking money out of the bank – I am serious. In addition to that charge, Kent was charged with tax evasion. However, most people do not know the real truth behind this matter – as every good Christian, Kent had paid all of his taxes – and was by no means a tax evading rebel. The tax evasion charges were simply invented after Scott Schneider, an IRS agent, seized $42,000.00 dollars from Kent Hovind Creation ministry’s safe, seized his assets and property, and then created a tax bill amounting to the very same amount. So yes, even the tax evasion charges that were leveled at Kent were all bogus. And for those who think that Kent Hovind deserved the ten year sentencing for these bogus tax evasion charges, then think again, because according to the United States Sentencing Commission, which documents the statistics on convictions for various charges, reported that in 2013 the average length of sentences for tax related convictions were only 14 months! On the other hand, both tax and tax related crimes against the IRS, averaged to sentences lasting up to only 31 months at most in 2013! Interestingly enough, the very wealthy tax cheaters who owe millions of dollars in taxes, unlike Kent Hovind, often get very little to no time at all in prison! This Forbes report exposes this interesting fact. Reverend Al Sharpton is a very perfect and public example of this, because he owes the U.S. government well over $4.5 million dollars in taxes, but his close friendship with President Obama, has no doubt, granted him immunity from IRS scrutiny.

The final “crime,” which Kent committed was Obstruction of Justice, but let me quickly tell you, what the Wikipedia page, which vilifies Kent, conveniently leaves out. When Kent had finally learned that he was being fraudulently indicted with numerous tax evasion and structuring charges, he began to pray to God over his own radio program while the IRS raided his property. Somehow, the IRS agents got offended by this action, and decided to slap him with the charge of Obstruction of Justice. Kent was simply praying to God for strength to overcome this matter! This is just so unbelievably outrageous. With all that said, do you still think that Kent Hovind was guilty? If you are still in doubt then keep reading.Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers

Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers is quite an interesting character, who has a reputation of issuing heavy-handed justice towards Christians. She received national attention in September of 2009, when she tried to send two Christian school teachers to prison for several years simply for…guess what…praying over their own food at school! This is such a conflict of interest, now we finally see the possible reasons behind her heavy-handedness in Kent Hovind’s case. It did not take long for this clear breach of First Amendment rights to get the attention of Congress, prompting over 60 congressmen to help overturn Margaret Casey Rodgers’ outrageous decision. The U.S. Congressman for Florida at that time, Jeff Miller, had this to say on this blatant abuse of power in an interview with the Washington Times:

“A federal judge has gone well outside the bounds of the Constitution to declare that prayer offered among adults is illegal…That the court would somehow consider this action to be criminal behavior is simply unconscionable.” – Representative Jeff Miller cited by Julia Duin, in “Lawmakers back officials facing jail for prayer,” Washington Times, Thursday, September 17, 2009.

And now, the plot thickens…Kent has been moved 23 times from prison to prison in the last 8 years! Many suppose that the very far left-wingers are trying to get him killed, because whenever a person moves from prison to prison the likelihood that that person would be killed by a violent inmate skyrockets. Kent Hovind, from behind bars, have spoken up on the fact that court judges are actually incentivized to hand out lengthy prison sentences in exchange for money from private prison systems. This is not a conspiracy theory…this is conspiracy fact. We have numerous examples of cases where judges take money from privately owned prisons in order to fill them up with prisoners. I will direct you to this report by CNN: “Pennsylvania rocked by ‘jailing kids for cash’ scandal” where Judge Mark Ciavarella and Judge Michael Conahan of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania were both charged for collectively earning $2.6 million dollars for corruptly and fraudulently convicting teenagers who committed very petty crimes. You may read that CNN report here and this same report was covered by Mail Online here. There is actually very strong evidence that the border and immigration situation in the U.S. is being taken advantaged of by corrupt judges to fill the prisons, the Huffington Post released a very detailed article called “Private Prisons Profit From Immigration Crackdown, Federal And Local Law Enforcement Partnerships,” which exposes this fact and that judges can actually own stocks in the private prison system – another conflict of interest. You can view that very telling report here. I will also share a few useful videos from several well-respected sources, which all confirm the fact that some judges are being enticed by private prisons to help fill the prisons for profits:



But I digress, I have even more grim news about Kent Hovind. He was supposed to be released this very month but now has a new trial set on Monday 2nd March 2015, and in this trial – which the very same Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers will preside over – he will face even more charges that can potentially lock him up for the rest of his life. And what did he do to demand such punishment? He simply mailed a “Lis pendens,” on the title of his property. Apparently, the government is trying to sell Kent Hovind’s assets and his property, along with his own amusement park called “Dinosaur Adventure Land.” A Lis pendens (Litigation is still pending), is a document which simply warns those who are interested in buying a property, that the ownership of that said property is still in dispute. No crime was committed, however, with this recent bogus charge of mail fraud, Kent Hovind potentially will never leave prison alive because this charge can keep him there for over 100 years! With all that I have shared thus far concerning the IRS and the prison system, it is entirely possible that Kent Hovind is simply just another conservative who was targeted by the IRS, in the now publicized, “IRS targeting Controversy.” Do you remember that circus? Featuring “Looney Tunes” like the IRS Commissioner under President Obama – John “Whenever we can, we follow the law” Koskinen, the IRS Commissioner under President Obama and former President Bush – Douglas “I don’t care if conservatives were targeted” Shulman, the Acting IRS Commissioner – Steven “Don’t look at me, I don’t know anything” Miller, the director of the Exempt Organizations Unit for the IRS – Lois “Fifth Amendment” Lerner, those missing emails and deleted hard drives. Wait a second, I am sorry, I think that I should apologize to the “Looney Tunes” show, at least the cartoon characters on that show were very funny.

I am sure that you are asking yourself, “What can I do to help Kent?” You can help him by signing this petition:


We need about 99,000 signatures to help release Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen, another Christian who simply helped to file the Lis pendens for Kent Hovind. So, signing the petition is by far one of the best ways that you can help, and of course, don’t forget prayers – Kent desperately needs our prayers. You can view a very detailed and well outlined list of things which you can do to help Kent Hovind, right here. For live updates on Kent Hovind’s situation you may follow these two official Kent Hovind websites: http://www.2peter3.com/ and http://freekenthovind.com/. You can also receive video updates from the YouTube user named, “LoneStar1776”. If you are blessed enough financially, then feel free to send donations through the same official website: http://freekenthovind.com/ by clicking the donate button, which will help to pay all of his legal expenses.

If you are still not convinced that Kent Hovind is innocent, then please take a look at the videos below – they are interviews where he personally explains his side of the story – listen to them and decide for yourself. Please, feel free to reblog this article, like it, tweet it, and share it everywhere! If you live in the U.S. then please contact your congressman or congresswoman or contact your representative and inform him or her of this injustice concerning Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen. Also, if you own a self-hosted website and would like to boost awareness, then feel free to add a widget to that petition which is available here. If you do not have a self-hosted website, then simply make an image widget and add a link to direct folks who click the image to head over to the petition – which is what I have done on my blog. Feel free to post the link to that petition in forums, as your Facebook status, or do whatever you can to help spread the truth and build awareness. God bless you all!

~Planet Zion





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